Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Jordan's pretend Razor.  He now shaves with Randy every morning!

Kinsey's California Beach Bike and "Cute Sweat Outfit"

Jordan's new Hockey Bag and Stick

Basketball Game from Grandpa Harding

Christmas FUN mess!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Front Yard Ice Rink

I went to Young Womens tonight and while I was gone Randy added this years addition to his ice rink....Lights!!  I couldn't get a picture that does it justice but they are white lights and very bright.  It has been super cold here the past few days so the rink has began to get frozen.....and so the excitement begins around our home!!  We love the cold weather...bring it on!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Randy's Birthday

Randy's 35th Birthday....Such a good sport!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Trees and Meanings

Christmas is coming and our Tree is up!!  Kinsey took on the project of putting the lights on the tree. Both Randy and I were totally excited that this could be done by her.  She did a great job. 
I have always loved to sit by the tree and stare at the lights.  As I glance at the tree this year the meaning of the tree has changed and I am feeling the Christmas spirt come to life.  
Wedensday afternoon Kinsey performed at the Festival of Trees.  Her performance was great and I was excited to see a few specific trees. 
Several months ago my friend Lisy (whose kids both recieved bone marrow transplants this year) was inspired to put together a tree for the Festival of the Trees.  She wanted to honor all children who have been sick. They named it the Heros' Tree. Since June she began collecting medical equipment that was used for her girls. Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists caught wind of her idea and began to collect supplies as well. There ended up being over 11,000 peices used for the project.. There are trees and a snowman made of IV wire. Ornaments used from caps of vials and IV bags. The tree skirt are alcohol swabs. Garland is made from syringes and medicine bottles. 

While at the festival.  I called Lisy and was able to meet up with her and her family.  The tree she decorated was amazing.  It was bought by an anonymous buyer who is donating to Primary Childrens Hospital.  Just where it should be!!  Fascinating that people can be so thoughtful.  I was amazed at the beauty that could be made from something unpleasant.  My emotions were brought to the surface as Lisy explained the many hours spent making the tree.  This tree was titled the Tree of Hope.
I made my way to our Cousin Sierra's tree.  This tree was made and donated by the dance studio she had danced at.  This tree was perfectly put together.  It was titled remembering Sierra and that is exactly what it offered a rememberance of her.  A place for a tea party, bears in dance costumes, a warm fireplace and a pink tree. I was overcome with chills and more emotion.
We had lunch with Lisy, Tyler and the kids and then went to their house for some afternoon fun.  It is always so nice to spend time with Lisy and I love the meaningful conversations we share. 
Shortly after returning home my sister sent me a text message to let me know our families tree was waiting for us in her front yard. It has become a tradition to have a tree cut by Clinton and his family for us. In past years we have payed a minimal charge for our tree (probably doesn't even cover the cost of gas). This has been a luxury for us and we are always excited to see our tree. I hadn't spoken with Michelle about getting a tree and when I recieved her text I was so happy to know our holiday season was about to begin. Her reply to the cost this year was "Merry Christmas."
While at the festival of trees I had overheard Lisy and Tyler talking about covering their Mom's shift of volunteer service at the festival of trees on Thursday and offered to help if I could.  My offer was recieved and I found myself headed back to the festival of trees the following morning.  As I walked in I quickly realized I was under dressed in my jeans.  Although those who serve at the festival of trees must be dressed up I asked if there was any where they could use me.  There was and I was happy to serve in the small fry (I thought I was going to be helping serve french fries).  The small fry turned out to be a store to purchase Christmas gifts.  Everything at the festival of trees is donatated and all items sold are 100% fundraising profit for Primary Childrens.  I helped put price tags on items and organize items to be put on shelves.  It was absolutely amazing to see all the donations.  It didn't take long to catch the spirit and goodness of the event.
Tonight after setting up the tree with the kids I had jumped on Facebook to see what others were doing (a common habit).  The first post was from our Aunt Kathy (Sierra's Mom).  This is what it said, 
 "Thank You to the anonymous gentleman who bought SIERRA'S tree. He gave our family the tree. I am so overwhelmed at the love and generosity we have received! Thank You again. Taylor is already having a tea party with the bears."
I am amazed at the generous things people do.  It's amazing the goodness the holiday season brings and now as I look at my tree It will be a reminder to give as much as I can to those around me.  After all, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Savior, who gave his life for all of us!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kinsey played Slavic Dance at her Piano Recital.  I was totally taken back by her talent. Her dedication and hard work practicing are paying off!  After leaving the recital Kinsey said to me.  "Mom, I am so greatful for you.  I am so lucky you have encouraged me to keep on playing the piano.  I am so glad I can play and that you pay for my lessons."  I am glad she is seeing the benefits and grateful for the opportunity she has to take lessons.  I am also so thankful for her wonderful Piano teacher who has so much passion for music and shares it with Kinsey.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Fun!

Today it SNOWED!!! Jordan was so excited about the snow and called Tyler to see if he would come out and play in the snow with him. Kinsey chuckled that there wasn't really enough snow to play in but it didn't matter to these boys...they were delighted. They quickly changed into their basketball jerseys and went up to their basketball game. From the basketball game we headed to the Peaks Ice Arena in Provo for Jordans Hockey games. Grizzbe was at the Arena so Jordan and his Team were able to get pictures with him. The arena was offering a try hockey for free clinic so Tyler was even able to get on the ice. He had fun playing a little hockey. Jordan joined him after his games and they had fun together. Kinsey loves to watch Jordan's Hockey and is such a trooper to sit through all his practices and games week after week.